National Geographic Live!

Our National Geographic Live! Student Matinees bring the same world-class speakers from our mainstage subscription series together with your students. Bring a group of student leaders in grades 6, 7, and 8 to meet National Geographic explorers, ask them questions, participate in related extension activities, and bring knowledge back to your school.

National Geographic Live! Student Matinees at held at Artscape Daniels Launchpad. Each event takes place from approximately 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Students attend in groups of 5-15 accompanied by a teacher chaperone, and are asked to bring their own lunches.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Mark Synnott
Life on the Vertical
Mark Synnott is a man ever on the brink of new discovery. A big wall rock climber of the highest order, he’s made legendary first ascents of some of the world’s tallest, most forbidding walls, from Baffin Island to Pakistan. Today, he uses his skills to break scientific ground, reaching incredibly inaccessible environments in search of rare species. It’s all in the spirit of adventure and exploration in order to educate about these sites of strange, remote beauty.
Curricular Connections: Geography and geographical features, biodiversity, rare species, leadership

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Tim Laman and Cheryl Knott
Adventures Among Orangutans
Solitary animals living in hard-to-reach places, orangutans are one of the most difficult large land animals to study. Since 1992, husband-and-wife team Cheryl Knott and Tim Laman have been combining innovative new techniques with old fashioned fieldwork to gain a better understanding of this intelligent, resourceful—and threatened—species, giving us insights not only into their world, but also our own.
Curricular Connections: Photography, Geography, Endangered Species, Conservation

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Kakani Katija
Designed by Nature
As a child, Kakani Katija dreamed of being an astronaut. She trained as an aerospace engineer but eventually became captivated by an even less explored environment than space: our Earth’s oceans. As a bioengineer, instead of searching space for signs of life, she studies the waters that are teeming with it. Katija hopes to illuminate the twilight zones of the ocean—its little explored midwaters—with technology inspired by the creatures who live in it.
Curricular Connections: Underwater Species, Design and Engineering, STEAM

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Adjany Costa
Into the Okavango
Conservationist Adjany Costa is passionate about protecting the extraordinary wildlife and wild spaces of her native Angola—so passionate, in fact, that in order to study and save them, she is willing to live in a canoe for months at a time and face hippos, crocodiles, lions, and leeches. Costa is part of a team of local African researchers and experts, along with National Geographic filmmakers, photographers, and writers, exploring the Okavango River Basin from its headwaters in Angola all the way to its delta in Botswana. As one of the largest freshwater wetlands in southern Africa, the Okavango Delta is the main source of water for a million people and home to some of Africa’s richest biodiversity—truly one of the last wild places on Earth. Get an inside look at the challenges and hardships of life on expedition in this incredible environment, as well as the discoveries and accomplishments that motivate Costa to keep exploring.
Curricular Connections: Geography (Rivers), Conservation, Leadership